List of Different Firework Effects - Visual and Sound Effects

Fireworks have different effects while they fly and explode both visual and auditory, meaning how they look when they explode and what sound they make while they fly and explode. Fireworks are also divided by the effect they produce. They are often named after what they look like and we will list some of these effects here:

  • Ground bloom flower - It is small and has a barrel-like body. It has a hole on the side which, when ignited, releases a small flare which spins the firework very fast. This makes the illusion that fire comes from all angles.
  • Peony - Named after a flower, it is most common firework. When it explodes it makes a sphere of colored stars that burn without a tail.
  • Chrysanthemum - again, named after a flower, it explodes similarly to a peony but its stars have trails.
Picture Of Abstract Fireworks
  • Dahlia - Flower-named, similar to Peony but with less stars that are also larger and fly further.
  • Willow - A variant of chrysanthemum but with stars that literally fall when exploded creating a willow-like effect.
  • Diadem - again variant of peony or chrysanthemum but with added standing stars in the middle that are of contrasting color for a better effect.
  • Spider - A firework with stars that burn fast and burst very hard, which makes them shoot out straight and flat.
  • Palm - Firework that has a thick rising tail that appears from the moment of launch until it explodes into large arms or tendrils. They are made with less stars of larger diameter.
  • Rings - Stars of this firework explode is succession and create rings within rings. There are also variants that can produce smiley faces, hearts, and clovers.
  • Kamuro - is named after a Japanese haircut of which it bears resemblance. It has dense burst of glittering silver or gold stars and a heavy glittery trail.
  • Horsetail or Waterfall - features heavy long-burning tailed stars that fall very fast after leaving the rocket, making the shape of a horsetail or a waterfall.
  • Fish - launch the flaming debris in different directions and their flares swarm in random directions.
  • Bengal fire - makes a steady, vivid, blue-colored light and is made of potassium nitrate and copper compounds.
  • Roman candle - Fireworks in a shape of a tube that holds several large stars which fire at a regular interval.
  • Cake or a multiple tube device - Many roman candles or small aerial shells pointing upwards or in a fan, connected by a high-speed fuse and packed in a box.
  • Crossette - A type of fireworks that have stars which quickly shoot outward in four directions. Multiple crossettes are fired at the same time which makes criss-cross pattern, hence the name.
  • Sounds that fireworks can make are:
  • Bangs or report - Loud explosion not unlike gunshot.
  • Crackle - Also a sound that some fireworks can make.
  • Hummer - A whizz and hum that make fireworks that have tiny tubes that when ejected, spin with such force that they shred their outer coating.
  • Whistle - Screaming and screeching sound that is a result of the fuel that quickly changes between on and off burning stage.
  • Salute - These are a type of fireworks that are made so they have a very loud explosion but not much of a flame.
Picture Of Abstract Fireworks
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