Picture Of Firework Purple Sparks

Picture Of Firework Purple Sparks

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Firework Facts

As many things, fireworks too inspired people to break records and achieve more. Some built large firework rockets, some made fireworks out of thousands of rockets and some made laws on how the fireworks should be used so no one could get hurt.

Firework Effects

We like fireworks for their explosions and beautiful shapes they make in the sky. There are many different effects that fireworks make and they all have names. Find out more about firework effects.

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World Records and other Statistics

Fireworks are with us for 12 000 years and in that time people did some pretty amazing things with them (and some not so amazing). Here are some numbers that will paint us a more precise picture of fireworks.

Proper Use of Fireworks

Main ingredient of fireworks is gunpowder which makes them very dangerous if not handled properly. That is why it is very important to follow safety measures and guidelines on how to use fireworks.